We are Planworks

We are a creative and passionate interdisciplinary team, enriching the lives of others through technology

About Us

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off company of the Institute of Construction Management at Stuttgart University by Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Reichert and Dipl.-Inf. Shenqiang Wu, Planworks BIM Technology Solutions has established itself as an application specialist for custom-development, workflow-adapted tools and solutions for working with 3D BIM models, which are designed on the Autodesk Revit Platform. Planworks goal is to create software, tools and extensions to make Autodesk Revit even better and improve our clients BIM workflow. Jochen’s and Shenquiang’s broad experience of the building and construction sector lays the foundation for a very good understanding of the industry’s processes and paves the way for ideas how to continuously optimise them. Jochen and Shenqiang got to know each other on Jochen’s research project on an integrated and BIM based Project Delivery System, called Planworks5D at his time working at the Institute of Construction Management, University of Stuttgart.
Planworks is also a partner and co-founder of building information model management (b.i.m.m ) GmbH, a leading consultancy firm for the companywide introduction of model-based building and construction processes.

We got awesome skills

We speak your language
We have a deep understanding of the AEC business
We know Autodesk Revit – inside out
We are technology driven
What we do the best: Improve your BIM workflow.

  • Our company has the advantage to pick projects as well as consultants very wisely. With Planworks as a partner and friend, we found exactly what we were looking for.

    - Daniel Hurtubise, BIM Manager at RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop -

  • All the Autodesk Revit software tools we are successfully working with in our worldwide offices are developed by Planworks.

    - Daniel Hurtubise, BIM Manager at RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop -


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