Tables Release Notes

V2019.1 (for Revit 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  • New Feature: Advanced consistent Formatting. Formate your Spreadsheet almost just like you want. When you change the data, the Formatting stays consistent
  • New Feature: Phasing You can now edit the Phasing Parameters and filter your Elements by Phase
  • New Feature: Add Excel Formulas to every User-editable Revit Project Parameters 
  • New Single Field (adding Project Information): Name of Active View
  • New Single Field (adding Project Information): Path name of Central File
  • Improvement: Reset Styles and Border styles 
  • Improvement: Freezing of Progress-Dialog. If you experience this issue, you can turn off the progress dialog in the advanced settings dialog
  • Bugfixed: Host- & Host Type Parameter 
  • Bugfixed: Copy, move Sheet command
  • Bugfixed: adding new row above the header row
  • More bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Minor GUI improvement

V2018.1 (for Revit 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  • Feature: Key Schedule Management and Key Schedule Parameter  
  • Feature: Manage the Table column visibility in the Formatting Tap
  • Feature: Added New Formatting Rule for Conditional Formatting
  • Improvement: Consistent column width and number formatting
  • New Parameter: Line width in Object Style, Host Type Parameter, Level Type Parameter and Titleblock Type Parameter
  • Bugfixed: Parameter “Phase” unavailable on some views
  • Bugfixed: Datasouce “Selection” didn’t work correctly
  • Bugfixed: Error on grouping by OwnerView
  • Bugfixed: Excel functions didn’t work in English version
  • More bug fixes and stability improvements
  • GUI improvement