Tables Release Notes

V2023.1.0 (for Revit 2023 till 2018)

  • New Features
      • Finally: Added support for Autodesk Revit 2023
      • New Special List “Shared Parameter Matrix”
        You can easily document all your parameters now with Tables (->more info)
      • New Creation List “Shared Parameter Creation”
        Batch creating Shared Project Parameters (->more info)
      • New Creation List “Duplicate Views”, with or without detailing, dependent (->more info)
      • Added options for Smart Creation List “Rooms & Spaces”: PlaceToView, TagFamily to place new rooms in a layout on the given view so you can drag & drop your unplaced rooms to the correct location in your view plan (->more info)
      • We have added a new “Color Scheme” command that allows you to colorize your Revit building elements easily and quickly in a 3D view according to distinct parameter values. (->more info)
      • You have wished it, we finally did it: There is a new column type in Tables: „Unbound column” so now you can store your own data without having a dedicated Revit parameter (->more info…)
      • Also, we added a new command button in the TableTools-Modify Ribbon Tab “Reset Styles” to clear Tables own system formatting (e.g., the styles we use for comparing sheets)
      • In order to write back to Revit in a fine-granular way, you can now also consider values from individual cells. Therefore, we added the new sub-command-button “Apply changes in selected cells
      • In the settings dialog you now find specific localization options for both application and spreadsheet
      • And finally, our filter now has a drop-down list that allows you to easily choose the values you want.
  • Changes and Improvements
      • Smart Reports: All elements now support the Room KeyPlanImage Feature Parameter
      • Import ViewSchedule with Multi-Categories from Revit (Categories from all elements in the imported schedule instead of fixed category list)
      • Improved performance (initialize only when the user switches from Revit to Tables)
      • Create new elements in an existing creation list if the elements do not exist in the current project
      • Show warning if ludicrous mode is required
      • We added a label in the upper right corner of the Tables UI if our Ludicrous Mode is activated, so that you know when to be careful.
  • Bugs Fixed
    As always, we have done a lot of housekeeping, thanks for your valid help and feedback:
      • CompassDirection was incorrectly calculated, now it’s ok again
      • Key Plan Image works fine now for both MEP and ARC and so does the element image (scaling and centering)
      • Family parameters from detail components are now be considered
      • No more incorrect PhaseFilters for multi categories (categories with or without phase, room)
      • Now we ignore linked element when highlighting in model (because Revit API can’t support it)
      • ProgressBar didn’t work on applying, now it’s fixed
      • No Crashes anymore, when reloading a specific creation list with invalid key values
      • Some Charts couldn’t be changed in Table, now they can
      • Also, we fixed several localization errors
      • And of course, the little things…

V2022.2.1 (for Revit 2022 till 2017)

  • New Features:
      • Advanced filter
        We have significantly improved our filter. Now you can create simple AND or OR filters, but also complex combinations of them if you want (check out the “Boolean algebra” article on Wikipedia to see the endless possibilities… 😉 )
      • We added units in table columns
        Units can now be set independently of the global settings 
      • New Feature Parameters for every model elements: survey and project coordinates of location
      • New Feature Parameters for Family Instances: Mirrored and HandFlipped 
      • New Feature Parameter: Number in Warnings (Special List)
      • New Feature Parameter: CompassDirection for FamilyInstances and Room Boundary Lists (Special List)
      • New Feature Parameter “North Arrow Image” for adding a true north arrow image to your worksheet (can be fine-tuned in the settings dialog)
      • New command for Smart Reports: Highlight the corresponding element of a report page in the model
      • New data sources: We added room parameter datasource for spaces (ARC <-> MEP Space) So now you can access the corresponding parameters
      • And finally: We added a close workbook command in our system menu, since you wanted it 😉
  • Changes and Improvements:
      • When dealing with groups we now check the readonly status when applying changes 
      • We have refined the filter type “Has Attribute” and added a new “Has Value” filter type. “Has Attribute” checks, if the given parameter is bound to the category; “Has Value” checks, if there is a value set to the given parameter
      • We added a checkbox “Hide unchecked Categories” to our categories dialog to give a clearer view of your selected categories.   
      • There now is a shortcut to the settings dialog in the upper right corner right next to the Help- and Info-Buttons 
      • Removed calculation attributes from the selection list for sorting or grouping
      • We added a button “Save As Preset” in Table Tools contextual ribbon tab in order to store your selected Table definition as a preset 
      • We fine-tuned the “Element on Floorplan” image settings and added the new option to select a filled region type to use as a “Marker” to highlight the given element. 
  • BugFixed
    As always, we have done a lot of housekeeping, thanks for your valid help and feedback:
    • Invisible column caused the critical error on updating columns
    • Fixed the logging error
    • Fixed the error when the element in the warnings has no category
    • Fixed the GUI error on copying to project
    • Fixed: ignore the parameters which cause exceptions when retrieving them from the given element
    • Fixed: Error occurred on refreshing a report
    • Fixed: No selection list in the creation list
    • Fixed: DemoImages in ReportPages are not removed

V2022.1 (for Revit 2022 till 2017)

This is our biggest update yet! We needed to change the internal structure of our format, so new Tables xlsx files can’t be opened in older Tables version prior to Tables 2022.1. Therefore, please make sure your entire team is updated to the latest version. 

  • New Features:
      • Smart Reports
        You can now document your model in a new way: one element on one sheet based on a template worksheet. You can use this function for example to automatically create “Roombooks” (model based room programs) but it also can be used for complex calculations for one element per sheet
      • New Smart Creation Functionality: Spaces Creation
        With this new feature you can automatically create non placed MEP spaces – just like rooms, with all the preset data you want to add
      • Grouped Fields
        Summary fields calculating one value for one cell, good for Smart Reports, great for creating simple dashboards
      • New Feature Parameter: Element Image on Floor Plan (for Smart Reports only)
        The “Element Image on Floor Plan” – Feature Parameter will generate an Image of the element based on a floor plan (requires settings in the global settings dialog) 
      • New Feature Parameter: Key Plan Image (for Smart Reports only)
        The “Key Plan Image” – Feature Parameter will generate an Overview-Image of your entire floor with the specific element highlighted (requires settings in the global settings dialog)
      • New Feature Parameter “Revisions on Sheet”
        In a Sheet list you can use our new Feature Parameter “Revisions on Sheet” to manage your revisions manually, just use a right click and select the revisions you want to apply -> big timesaver!
      • New Special List: Warnings
        You can now manage and analyse your Revit warnings really easily. You can even add a rating to them to get a clearer overview of them (requires settings in the global settings dialog)
      • New Special List: Room Boundaries
        For documenting and checking room programs
      • New Feature Parameter “VersionGuid” (For Revit 2021+)
      • New Feature Parameter: ObjectType for our beloved Geeks 
      • New Parameter Source for our MEP friends: We added Host & Host-Type Parameters for insulation-lining based elements
      • New Parameter Source for Geeks: SuperComponent- and SuperComponentType-Parameters for Nested Families to get the parameters of the main family element
      • We added the calculation type “Min…Max”
      • New Advanced Command: “Reload with demo data”
        Great for creating templates for your team, since now you can deploy them with “dummy” data so your team won’t get confused with old project data
      • New Command “Add Empty Column” in the Tables Edit dialog
        You can use empty columns for spacers to structure your schedule 
      • Our Filters now supports string/text comparing
      • We now support all Microsoft Excel workbook file formats
      • Et, enfin et surtout, pour nos amis français: Tables est maintenant aussi disponible en français 😉
  • Changes and Improvements
      • Contextual ribbon pages:
        Since we are adding more and more new and cool stuff to Tables, we have cleaned up the interface a bit and added contextual ribbons to simplify the UI 
      • Categories can be changed subsequently
        Heureka! You can now change the selected categories of your schedule afterwards, add new ones or remove existing ones
      • Multiple tables per worksheet (great for Smart Reports) 
      • As always: we further improved the formatting, this time the evaluation of border formats
      • We improved the contextual help, you’ll find links in the tooltips to our support center
      • We implemented a better logging mechanism. In case of an exception you can easily open, view and share the log file via our global Settings dialog
      • We improved the enterprise license (v2022.1.1)
      • minor UI changes and workflow improvements 
  • Bugs Fixed:
      • A lot of housekeeping has been done, as always thanks for your help and feedback.

V2021.2 (for Revit 2021 till 2016)

  • Added: support for material takeoff schedules (create and import)
  • Added: new feature parameter “Revisions on plan” for sheets to easily control revisions on sheets with a helper look-up dialog (see video)
  • Added: Values for the Feature Parameter “Workset” is selectable via a helper look-up value list dialog (see video)
  • Improved: Special list “Model Elements”
  • Improved: Formatting of cell borders per column
  • Improved: Formatting Headers and Footers per column
  • Changed: Synchronizing Key Schedules by UniqueID and ViewName, so now you can copy them to other Revit projects
  • Changed: UI commands for creating type-, view- and sheet-schedules are now moved to the main schedule command as a drop down option as it is in the Revit UI
  • Added: New admin key “NoUpdateCheck” to ignore update checks
  • As always: We fixed a lot of small bugs you told us and improved the overall user experience and performance.

V2021.1.5 (for Revit 2021 till 2016)

  • Added: improved formatting experience: each grouping can now be formatted separately including row heights 
  • Added: improved conditional formatting and data validations 
  • Added: new special list: Filled Regions 
  • Added: new special list: Revisions 
  • Added: MEP Space Parameters for MEP elements
  • Added: Instance parameters can be joined read-only with relevant type parameters
  • Added: Better experience when importing Revit schedules, identical Instance- and Type parameters will be joined automatically
  • Added: support for Analytical- and MEP Space-Parameters when importing Revit Schedule
  • Added: analytical models categories Loads, etc.
  • Added: host and host type for loads and analytical models
  • Added: all Revit internal sub categories 
  • Changed: the workset parameter is now editable
  • Changed: minor UI tweaks: sizable Categories dialog 
  • Changed: minor UI tweaks: main dialog title with Revit project name 
  • Changed: minor UI tweaks: new parameters will be inserted below a selected one 
  • Changed: minor UI tweaks: “Edit Parameter” is immediately activated when the first selected parameter is editable 
  • We fixed a lot of small and not so small bugs you reported us and improved the overall user experience and performance.

V2020.2 (for Revit 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  • Improved User Experience (Formatting, Conditional Formatting & Data Validation)
  • Added: host attributes for Rebar 
  • Added: new buttons in pop menu (refresh, reload and select in Revit) 
  • Added: selection functions (select columns, rows and table)
  • Added: new style “White” 
  • Added: new StatusBar (Zoom, Numberic Summary Info) 
  • Added: new button Rule Management in conditional formatting 
  • Improved: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation after reloading
  • Added: Feature Parameters for all categories 
  • Added: Administration Features via external configuration file
  • Changed: Entire table won’t be updated automatically when applying selected columns or rows
  • Advanced commands: Improved Cut and Un-Cut with with geometry host 
  • BugFix: Main Model contains only first primary Design Options
  • BugFix: Revit Messages would be changed to English after starting Tables
  • BugFix: Formula in parameter didn’t work because of the attached info “Not in Project” 
  • BugFix: Required attributes for Smart Creation were duplicated in Table Edit Dialog
  • Improved internal workflows
  • Improved file size

V2020.1 (for Revit 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017)

  • Feature: Values in Shared Parameters can be cleared (only from Revit 2020)
  • Feature: Added DesignOption as Filter
  • Feature: Added Dark Skin
  • Feature: Automatically backup before saving (the number of backup is adjustable)
  • Feature: Special List of Line Patterns
  • Feature: New Special Parameter – Count of used views for view filter and view template
  • Improvement: Attach error on reading and saving of single field to the relevant cell
  • Improvement: Added an annotation after the attribute name in table edit dialog if the attribute doesn’t exist in the current project
  • Improvement: Added Space parameters for the family instance
  • Improvement: Added more document attributes
  • Improvement: Yes/No in Table filter selectable
  • Bugfix: The layout of Quick Access Bar could not be correctly restored
  • Bugfix: Wrong element is used as geometry host
  • Bugfix: Sometimes no attributes from title blocks found
  • Bugfix: Room list with phase was filtered incorrectly
  • Bugfix: The empty text was filtered incorrectly
  • Fixed miscellaneous errors

V2019.2 (for Revit 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  • Duo Mode: Keep Tables always open and active when switching between Revit and Tables
  • Feature: Change the grouped elements when “Itemize every Instance” is deactivated, just like in Revit
  • Feature: Overwrite the Standard Yes/No Values with your own ones via Settings
  • Advanced Commands: Cut & Un-Cut with geom. Host
  • New Commands: Show selected Revit Elements in Tables and vice versa
  • Helper-Dialog for writing Yes/No Values in Tables
  • Helper-Dialog for Inserting Text in cells
  • Profile Types as Special List
  • New command: Auto-Translation via Microsoft Translator API
  • New Feature-Parameters for all model elements: Height of ElementUpperEdge und ElementLowerEdge
  • Advanced Header for more than one row
  • Additional Parameters for all model elements:  GeometryHost- & GeometryHostType-Parameters
  • Refresh to Reload renamed, actual schedule will be reloaded (with new elements) Refresh will just update the actual schedule
  • Improved Performance for loading parameters
  • Fixed miscellaneous errors

V2019.1 (for Revit 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  • Feature: Advanced consistent Formatting. Formate your Spreadsheet almost just like you want. When you change the data, the Formatting stays consistent
  • Feature: Phasing You can now edit the Phasing Parameters and filter your Elements by Phase
  • Feature: Add Excel Formulas to every User-editable Revit Project Parameters 
  • New Single Field (adding Project Information): Name of Active View
  • New Single Field (adding Project Information): Path name of Central File
  • Improvement: Reset Styles and Border styles 
  • Improvement: Freezing of Progress-Dialog. If you experience this issue, you can turn off the progress dialog in the advanced settings dialog
  • Bugfixed: Host- & Host Type Parameter 
  • Bugfixed: Copy, move Sheet command
  • Bugfixed: adding new row above the header row
  • More bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Minor GUI improvement

V2018.1 (for Revit 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  • Feature: Key Schedule Management and Key Schedule Parameter  
  • Feature: Manage the Table column visibility in the Formatting Tap
  • Feature: Added New Formatting Rule for Conditional Formatting
  • Improvement: Consistent column width and number formatting
  • New Parameter: Line width in Object Style, Host Type Parameter, Level Type Parameter and Titleblock Type Parameter
  • Bugfixed: Parameter “Phase” unavailable on some views
  • Bugfixed: Datasouce “Selection” didn’t work correctly
  • Bugfixed: Error on grouping by OwnerView
  • Bugfixed: Excel functions didn’t work in English version
  • More bug fixes and stability improvements
  • GUI improvement
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